Best VPN in 2019

Choosing the best VPN services among a wide variety of providers is very, very difficult. The selection of applicants is complicated by the fact that almost all manufacturers by 2019 learned how to provide a secure connection, giving the user complete anonymity. By conducting testing and detailed analysis of a large number of Russian and foreign services, we managed to create, as it seems, the most objective rating of VPN programs.

A VPN connection is accessed to get anonymous communication with various Internet services, such as torrent trackers, as well as to bypass the blocking of a site prohibited by censorship. This kind of secure channel, however, is used not only to avoid sure locks but also with a completely different goal: large companies install VPN services for remote connection to their local resources. Traffic over an encrypted connection is routed programmatically, and the original IP address is replaced with the address of the VPN server.

The criteria for choosing VPN programs in this review included software research, connection speeds to test servers, as well as the quality of service and subscription convenience.

So, the best VPNs at the beginning of 2019:

1. VPN from

This VPN service is represented by one of the most highly qualified teams. is made by such experts who know precisely what ordinary users want from the work of the VPN and what functionality the anonymity program should provide.

The VPN client has such functionality as protection against tracking via WebRTC, hiding the use of a virtual network by changing the MTU parameter and the absence of logging. Whoer VPN provides real anonymity when working on the web because none of its IP addresses is illuminated, is not in the blacklists and is defined as the usual address of the user’s network card. With all this, the service works quickly, gives a choice of IP addresses from 11 different countries to connect to, and it works as a whole stable, without interrupting the connection at the most inopportune moment and not limiting the connection speed.

To get access to a free VPN service, you need to follow the link – and press the button “REGISTER.”

2. ExpressVPN

This VPN service most often gets to the top of different lists of top VPN programs. This is one of the oldest and well-deserved services, it is quite simple and surely trouble-free, but it provides not the highest connection speed. Connection logging in the paid version is disabled by default. The application does not have any settings, except for the choice of connection method. ExpressVPN can be installed on all operating platforms, including Mac OS, and it is designed to connect to Asian servers – mainly Korean and Japanese.

Due to the factors listed above, ExpressVPN occupies a leading position in the VPN market. Thanks to firm policy, users of 30 days can enjoy a package of free services.

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is another popular service that can work on all major operating platforms. This client has a unique ability: you can create lists of distribution of the Internet channel. Turn on the torrent client and browser in one file, and the mail program and instant messenger in another, and now the applications from one sheet will use the connection to the VPN servers, and the others will connect to the Internet directly. Conveniently? And how! But only after the connection list has been correctly configured, which is not always intuitive for novice users.

From the advantages of this VPN service, we will single out a trial period lasting a month, and in the minutes we will write down quite a frequent blocking of IP addresses of client programs.

4. ZenMate

ZenMate is a free VPN client and browser extension with the option to purchase a premium version. We didn?t notice any special functions in the program, but the service is stable – traffic is encrypted almost on the fly, the Internet connection is truly anonymous, and the choice of servers is large enough for the free version of the program. The only drawback of ZenMate is the extreme obsession in sending letters, as well as the strict requirement of registration on the program’s website.

5. Hola

Hola is a superior VPN service, and even not a service at all, but an anonymous botnet. This network is maintained by the anonymity community that has set up Hola in such a way that this VPN client encrypts all data transmitted from and to the computer and redirects traffic through its nodes to the bot network. This increases the anonymity of almost 100%. The disadvantages of the program are directly derived from its advantages: since the traffic is distributed among nearly 60 million users, the connection speed is not too high. And we would not by default assume that all these millions of people have a clear conscience and do not steal your confidential information.

So that our article does not turn out to be too large and does not cause inconvenience to readers, we will tell you about the next five clients from the TOP-10 list of VPN programs only briefly.

The first to mention two new VPN services.

6. Buffered VPN

This VPN service is still very young, but it has already achieved a lot. Buffered offers a choice of 33 connection servers worldwide. We highlight two exciting features of the program: connection under one account of as many as five devices, as well as the search function for open and secure Wi-Fi connections. The latter feature allows, for example, to use the free Internet while at airports and train stations.

7. AirVPN

This VPN client was made by enthusiastic administrators, as they call themselves. The program, as opposed to clients, with a single ?connect? button, is crammed with all sorts of settings: logs, pings, tunneling, forwarding, and so on. In practice, all these settings, of course, help experienced users set the fastest and most unknown connection parameters, but the question of whether such complexity is necessary for ordinary Internet users remains open.

We finish the review of VPN services with three more programs that deserve special mention and close attention.

8. IPVanish VPN

This is a veteran of the VPN connection market, and like all veterans, this program all functions like a clock: speed, security, number of servers, and simplicity of the interface ? IPVanish has these capabilities. Separately, we highlight the service of disabling the connection to the Internet when the VPN connection is lost.

9. HideMyAss

HideMyAss – perhaps the most popular VPN program. The quality of service, the choice of paid services and the work of the support service are at the top quality level. The only negative is the mandatory storage of logs.


Another frequenter of the top charts of VPN programs. The presence of clients for all operating systems, tunneling, a lot of settings and a vast number of servers. Few? Add the presence of traffic distribution across applications, and you will get a decent program that rightfully ranked among the top ten VPN clients according to our site.

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