Free Antivirus Software

Have you ever heard that a thief knocked on the door and ask for permission before robbery? I guess no then how could you think that your data on your device will remain save without any protective shield? In this rapidly growing world, it is insane not to take measures to protect your data. Now you might be wondering why and from whom your data need protection? Well, today anyone can steal your valuable information from your device without even touching it. It can be for fun or to screw you over but whatever the purpose could be, the bottom line is, your data is never safe unless you use a strong protective shield.

So what’s that protective shield? It’s a powerful antivirus. If you have never searched an best free antivirus online before then make your mind first because there are thousands of options out there. To be honest, the selection of one good antivirus can take more time than you spend on choosing a dress for a party. Now if you are a girl, you probably understand how daunting it could be. But no problem.  It’s because to save you from trouble and headache we have compiled a shortlist which you can consider while choosing an antivirus.

Variety of free antiviruses

We have chosen these antiviruses based on security and reliability. The first product on our list is Avast. It is one of the highly regarded free antivirus available in the market. This software’s antivirus function is capable of detecting threats by comparing files to different kinds of malware. It also keeps a close eye on activities for signs of malware attack. It also provides an option of add-on for your web browser but only if you use Firefox or chrome. This will help you to keep your computer or device safe while browsing the web. It has a special bank mode which keeps the browser separate from everything else on your computer to prevent malware from doing its thing. There is also a wifi inspector which scans your local network to identify issues like insufficient passwords and problematic setting.

The second product we have for you is AVG. This wonderful antivirus provides real-time protection against a variety of harmful malware. The feature which differentiates this software from others is that it also scans for performance issues. This allows your device to run smoothly. It also blocks unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments. Its add-on feature is available for several web browsers including chrome, Firefox and internet explorer. It can protect you from shady websites which can spread the virus in your computer. There is also a built-in password manager which is great if you visit a lot of websites which require you to login regularly. In the nutshell, this antivirus is the great overall solution if you want a free option that will still get the job done.

Our last pick for you is Norton antivirus. It’s a very reputable program for detecting and removing all sort of modern digital threat. It also offers some advance security options which will help you to protect your personal and financial details when browsing or shopping on the web.

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