Scanguard System

The Scanguard System, found on the internet at, is a new type of personal computer protection software and optimization software available for use in home computers.

How Does This Work?

The Scanguard System was explicitly created to correct the performance issues you may be having with your personal computer that uses a Windows operating system, including the analysis of programs and files as well as the deletion or elimination of any data or applications which are unnecessary and possibly slowing down your PC.

This app functions as security software which is appropriate not just for Macs, but also for Windows-based computers, Android apparatus, and iOS devices. They promise that it will monitor your network for dangerous threats 24 hours a day and make sure you are protected hacking trojans and applications. They mean that downloading their program is at no cost, though this website cites their schedule is free.

However, to have their full support and protection, clients are welcome to purchase twelve months’ worth of protection for $49.00, and this agency will cover the security of three devices, supply Advanced Antivirus, Malware Protection, Browsing Security, and a Performance Boost.

Refund Policy

The website does state that they will provide their customers with a refund of their entire purchase price if they cancel their subscription over the first 30 days from the day they subscribe, by emailing their Customer Service staff at [email protected].

Customer Service Contact Information

Clients looking to contact their Customer Service team can do this by submitting them straight to their website through the Contact Us link, or if you prefer to speak to someone by phone, you can discover a list of essential contact numbers also via their Contact Us link.


Repair systems and Windows PCU cleansers are suspicious and come with customer reviews with promises of popup issues and viruses and questions regarding whether they are safe to use. The Scanguard System appears to have hardly any reviews now, making it hard to ascertain whether it’s generally considered a good excellent repair system or if it has questions or these very same issues.

However, the reality is that all this app will do is act as a simple registry cleaner and security program, the same as many different applications available on the current market, including many of which are entirely free to use and are proven to do a fantastic job of repairing most PC performance problems. Clients should make an effort before committing to the financial investment in The Scanguard System to try out the cheaper and well-liked or free apps.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are lots of other optimization applications out there which offer very similar services and promises to this software, such as SafePCRepair, RegCure Pro,,, and many more, even though they are subject to precisely the same issues and criticisms as this program. Please leave you are The Scanguard System reviews below if you have experience with this company or their products.

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